Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rehoboth Vacation 2010- Day 3

Xia here. It was back to the beach for another beautiful day on Tuesday 7/27/10. Even Isa put her feet in...

And Grammy helped me to go in a little futher...

We sure were having fun:

Hans and Aunt Kathy keep cool in the shade while Uncle John braves the sun behind:

Aunt Kris and cousin Allie take to the water:

I relaxed in my sand chair that Uncle John built for me:

And a shot of the whole family:

After the great day at the beach it was off to Funland! Since I was no longer afraid of the ocean, I was no longer afraid of the rides either. I rode them all!

First it was the swings:

Then Isa and I rode the Merry-Go-Round with Mommy:

Next, I hopped on a motorbike:

Mommy thought the clown was scary in the middle of this ride:

Then I rode the firetrucks and rang the bell over and over like everyone else:

Mommy and Daddy were very proud of me riding this big ferris wheel all by myself. I made fast friends with the other girls with me:

Poor Isa was too small to ride anything. She was stuck watching me with Mommy and cousin Katelyn:

I rode the boats last:

Mommy thought the mermaid in the middle of this one looked pretty beat up:

I decided to buy a fart bag with some of my winnings from playing games. Everyone must have one of those!

And when we got home, we all relaxed with the 1000 piece bug puzzle!

And I told everyone my story of waiting to ride the haunted house ride but then getting scared at the last second by the scary witch. Then Daddy and I had to go and find Mommy...

Whew, that was one busy, fun day!

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