Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Outdoor Movie Night with Our Church Family

On Saturday 8/7/10, we all went to watch an movie outside at the home of a family who attends our church. What a great idea! Anyone from the church was invited to come. A screen was set up in the back yard and we all brought blankets and lawn chairs. Everyone bought goodies too. It was much better than going to a drive in! Plus, this family has horses and chickens and a big garden which made it even more fun.

Here is Xia and Isa ready to feed some apples to the horses:

And here are the chickens and a crowing rooster:

Xia and Alexander go for a swing, but Xia has had enough...

Xia is set up in style watching Ice Age! Princess chair, popcorn, lemonade and stuffed friends at her side:

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