Thursday, November 4, 2010

Creation 2010

Stephanie here. I wrote an article for our church newsletter about the praise and worship band I sing in. I'll copy the article here and add some pictures:

Sound Doctrine Plays at Creation
by Stephanie Zimmerman

On Sunday July 3, 2010, Sound Doctrine had the opportunity to provide the music for the Catholic Mass at the Creation Festival. Wikipedia states “Creation Festival consists of two annual, four-day Christian music festivals held in the United States. According to, the festivals have become the "Nation's Largest Christian Music Festivals." This is in reflection to Creation Northeast being known to attract 100,000 attendees.” It was quite an honor and blessing to be present at such a massive event.

The mass was lead by Fr. Paul Shenck, a newly ordained priest in the Harrisburg Diocese. Despite all of the loud, booming music floating in from the main stage, the mass was intimate and moving in the Worship Tent. Many curious onlookers peered into the tent to see what was going on. Some people walked in and lingered. Others just passed by. We were truly welcomed at the festival and many people commented after the mass that they were grateful to have the opportunity to attend mass at the festival.

Hopefully we’ll be invited back next year. We all thoroughly enjoyed the perk of being given passes into the artists’ area to enjoy some food and meet many Christian music artists. But the highlight was bringing the Eucharist to Creation!

And here are some photos:

Setting up...

Now who is singing what?

Tim leads us:

Fred can't decide, electric guitar or pedal steel?

The family in the congregation:

More of the congregation:

Fr. Shenck during the liturgy of the Eucharist:

Tina as the Lector:

Brian and Fred:

Lauren and me:

Xia after mass:

Free lunch back stage from the Hospitality Trailer!

Brian and Vivi and baby to come:

Hospitality Trailer - air conditioned and free food!

Eating with other Christian Musicians:

Hearing Family Force 5 (MAJOR bass goin' on!) on stage in the background and seeing Skillet's gear on the stage for later:

A view from the top of the mountain:

Xia and Daddy take a rest:

While Isa plays with some rocks!

What an amazing day we had worshiping and praising God!

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