Friday, November 26, 2010

Is Our Rainbow Cake Better Than Molly's?

Hello, it's Xia here. Mommy likes a video podcast called Rocketboom. On Tuesday 8/24/10, she was watching the episode The Rainbow Cake and decided we all just HAD to make a rainbow cake too! So, on Tuesday night 8/31/10, we got busy making our own version of a rainbow cake...

First we mixed up all of the batter with some beaters (which are the coolest things) and then divided the batter into 6 bowls. Here I am mixing the red food coloring into our first bowl:

Then we mixed up the yellow, this was so much fun...

Finally, the violet (note: Isa was with Mommy in her sling during the whole process as you can see)...

Now the first 3 colors, red, orange and yellow, are in the pan and Isa and I are really enjoying licking the batter off of the spoons!

All of the colors are in the pan, the sink is full of dishes and we put it into the oven - yippee!!

After about 45 minutes our beautiful rainbow cake came out of the oven!

The next morning (because we had to let the cake cool and it was time for bed the night before!), we iced the cake so that it looked like a big, white, fluffy cloud:

That night after dinner we FINALLY got to enjoy our rainbow cake. We cut out a slice, look how pretty!

Hmmmm, looks good enough to eat!

Here I am enjoying our rainbow cake. Don't worry, Isa got her bite too!

So, what do you think? Is ours better than Molly's? Thank you Molly and Rocketboom for giving us such a great idea. We sure had fun making out rainbow cake!

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