Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Sea of Blue T-Shirts - Orendorff Reunion 2008

Every year one of the famies make ALL of these T-shirts for all of us. They are always SO creative about it. This year's theme was an election logo spoof. It said Orendorff - Snyder '08. Orendorff was Great Grandpa's last name and Snyder was Great Grandma's last name. It was funny because people in the park kept asking what the campaign was all about that we were having this big shin dig for. Celebrating the 2 of them starting this whole clan - that's what we were doing!

First, a show of 9 of the 12 children of Great Grandpa and Great Grandma. Joanne was on vacation, Jerry could not make it from California and Tom passed away a few years ago (his wife Kathy is in his spot). So from the left, youngest to oldest are 10 of my Great Aunts and Great Uncles and of course Grandma (Judy):
Lori, Bobbi, (Jerry would be here), Debbie, Cathy, Kathy (Tom's wife), Judy, Dick, MaryBeth, Patti, (Joanne would be here) and Harry

Here's Harry's family:

Here's just part of Joanne's family...many were on vacation :-(

Here's Patti's family (but not all of them!):

Here's Dick's family:

Here's Judy's (Grandma's) family - recognize anyone? Kira and Marlon were visiting relatives and couldn't be with us this year :-(

Here's Tom's family (almost all of them):

Here's Cathy's family:

Here's Debbie's family:

And Bobbi's family (minus her husband as he came later straight from work):

And just some random shots of the blue sea from the rest of the day. First, me telling Mommy where I was about to plant a kiss:

Next, a game of Jeopardy based on Family Trivia, this was fun!

Gus (short for Angus), the youngest and newest member of the family looking SOOOOO cute (Yes, I had to give up that title from last year):

And 2 shots from the crowd hard at work trying to win the Jeopardy game:

Mommy found it very hard to talk to people this year as I was pretty much running around the park and having a blast most of the day. I'll leave this post with one of my escapades running off to play with a most exciting item - you guessed it - a stick!

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  1. Nice to see an Orendorff family reunion....I come from a different Orendorff line (probably).