Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rehoboth Vacation 2010- Day 4

Mommy here. On Wednesday 7/28/10 Grammy, Kathy, John and I left the house before dawn while everyone else slept to see the sun rise over the Atlantic. Even though it was quite cloudy, there was just enough clear sky to see the sun come up. It was beautiful:

And what was even better, is some dolphins graced us during the sunrise!

Later we all went to the beach again, of course! Xia made friends with a big group that was making a big sand castle:

I lost count of how many times the waves came up and knocked down what she had built. She didn't seem to care.

Isa had a lot of fun in the sand too:

But the water was the most fun for everyone!

Xia the ham... trying to get EVERYONE in the movie honey...

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