Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm Eighteen Months Old!

So here I am on Saturday 7/5/08 reaching the 1 1/2 year mark:

I'm talking and babbling quite a lot these days. I can repeat just about anything, so you better be careful what you say around me. I'm running whenever I can and can handle stairs pretty good these days. Still a pretty good eater and I like to try and brush my hair now and then or brush Mommy's hair (sorry Daddy, you don't have enough!). I've joined the ranks of kids around the world who think the words pee pee and poo are hysterical. Mommy can't figure out how that happens with no input from her or Daddy at all...

After the monthly photo op, Daddy wanted to give me a big hug; I just wanted to point at the camera:

Then I decided a big hug would be pretty nice:

Later that day I had fun playing with these cool Sesame Street alphabet linking floor puzzle things we got at a yard sale awhile back. I was having fun running around and screaming so Mommy told Daddy to take a quick video. As usual, I stopped performing once the camera went on:

Mommy had Daddy try again. What you can really see is Mommy's obsessive compulsive streak as she keeps trying to keep the alphabet in order. She can't stand to see D come before C don't you know - LOL. I think I'm helping her to let go a lot of that need for order. You also get to see her controlling nature as she tells Daddy when to stop the video. Silly Mommy, Daddy and I will break you of these behaviors sooner or later...


  1. Xia's still such a doll. What an awesome thing. I remember so clearly when she was born and how much I wanted a little girl of my own. I got my baby this year February 8th, 2008. She's 5 months today. I'm still in awe about all of God's blessings.

  2. Thanks Anonymous. If you have any pictures of your cutie, please share with us!!

  3. This video brightened my day. Too cute to see Xia crawling around like that. Made me laugh out loud!

    How do I send pictures? I love to share pictures of the baby girl.

  4. You could email them directly to my Mommy or set up a free flickr account (or any other photo sharing site) and then post the link to the photo in a comment.

  5. Below are some current pictures of Sharlet. She's five months old. She just started being able to tolerate regular formula, which was huge, and eating baby food. She's sleeping in her crib.. after having to sleep in a car seat because of reflux and sensitivity to milk. She's getting so big. Thanks for the opportunity to share!!!¤t=july4th021.jpg¤t=july4th011.jpg¤t=July9th006-1.jpg


  6. Sharlet is soooo cute!! Thanks so much for sharing those pictures.