Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy 17th Bday Katelyn!

My cousin, Katelyn, turned 17 on 6/27. We all celebrated on Sunday 6/29.

Here's her cake with the candles all lit up:

And here she is blowing out her candles. Geez, she's good. It was all I could do to blow out one!

Grammy took me outside for some fun during the party:

And then I made myself comfortable in this cool chair. Kind of reminds me of this one:

Uncle John tried to get me to look at the camera, but I was too busy playing with the HUGE plastic tub of toys he pulled out for me:

Here's Great Grandmom and Aunt Kathy:

And Great Aunt Martha with Grammy:

And then here's my cousin Allison, Aunt Kris (holding Dash), Daddy and Katelyn:

Then, we went downstairs in their finished basement and had lots of fun. Here I am enjoying the slide:

And then, the disco lights. What a fun bday party!


  1. Kaden does the same thing when we ask him a question everything is NO! which we think is funny.

  2. No is still a more popular answer from me, even when I mean yes LOL. However, I have started saying yes quite a bit now too!