Monday, July 14, 2008

Dancing Away the Summertime Blues

I don't really have the Summertime Blues, but I sure did enjoy dancing to Blue Cheer's rendition of the song. Daddy played it for me last Wed 7/10. I really love to dance. Notice in the 2nd video how Daddy does some nice retro moves with the camera at the end.


  1. This was a great day for Xia. (except for the boo-boo. She was an excellent sport about that) The dancing was too cute, too. Sharlet loves music of all kinds. That's something I enjoy my husband, too. I love to see little ones dance and enjoy themselves. It brought a smile to my face. Thanks again for all you do!!

  2. Thanks Sharlet's Mommy - my Mommy can't remember your name! Glad Sharlet likes to dance too :-)