Monday, July 14, 2008

A day with the Carmos

I was so excited to finally get to visit my second cousin (that's Mommy's cousin), Stacey and her family on Saturday 7/12. Great Aunt Pat and Great Aunt Bobbi were there too. We had so much fun. Mommy is so excited because she finally has her side of the family close by :-)

My cousins once removed, Kaitlyn and Shannon played with me the WHOLE time. Mommy really didn't know what to do with herself as I didn't need her as a playmate at all.

Here are Kaitlyn, Shannon and I playing on a big, cushy chair they have in their living room. Hey, there's enough of me for both of you to play with...

Mommy, I can't breathe, but I'm LOVING this attention:

Are there MONSTERS in this house:

Then we went outside to run around their great big yard and kick some soccer balls around. This one is MINE:

Oooh, NO, this funky blue one is!!:

Look, they taught me how to kick just like them! (Well, kinda...):

Uh, oh... I fell down the steps on the deck. My first big boo boo :-(

I cried for about 30 seconds. Mommy tried to put ice on it, but I was ready to get back to some serious playing. Next up, Badminton! Aunt Pat is ready:

And now I join in on the game:

We didn't leave until 9:30pm, way past my bedtime. I slept like a log - what a fun visit! Hope we can go back soon or they can come visit us! (Hint, Hint, I KNOW you're reading this Stacey...)

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