Monday, August 17, 2009

Seaside Heights Vacation - Day 2

Xia here. On Saturday 8/1/09, here is what I looked like in the morning...

We went to the grocery store to get stuff for our stay (cooking in saves a lot of money!) When we came back, I put on my bathing suit to check out the pool:

Here I am thinking about getting in:

And then I get in, ooh the water was nice:

Here's Isa laying on Mommy's lap in the shade while I swam. Though I never went further than the steps. I have a lot of fears these days, must be my age or something. I wouldn't even let anyone hold me and take me out in the water. Hmmm, a lot different from when I was smaller:

While we were at the pool, Grandy and Daddy ordered a pizza for lunch. This wasn't just any pizza - it was 23 inches in diameter. This is pretty standard in the area. Think about it, that's like the size of a bicycle tire! Here are some photos and video to put it in perspective:

In the early evening we went down to the boardwalk. Funtown Pier had a lot of cool stuff. Here is a trampoline ride that maybe I can do when I'm bigger and over my fear stuff:

And then we went into an arcade where I played "Bimbo 3 Ring Circus":

Then we hit the shooting gallery, but this kind of freaked me out too:

Of course the evening would not have been complete without a look at the "Shoot the Terrorist game". Yes, I'm serious...

Pretty fun first day!


  1. Xia, Kaden was the same way at the beach, didn't care for the ocean. Way different from last year when we couldn't keep him out of it!

    Look like you had fun anyway!

  2. Hopefully I will outgrow all of these fears for the next beach trip!