Monday, August 17, 2009

Seaside Heights Vacation - Day 4

Hi, it's Xia again. Monday 8/3/09 was the busiest day of our vacation, for sure. The morning started with Isa waking me up...

Here is Isa tapping on me while I was asleep:

Hey, you woke me up Isa!

Well, you're so cute - I'll let it slide this time:

See how she looks at me with so much love and admiration? She just had to wake me up!

Arm in arm...

Aren't we a pair? And don't I have nice teeth?

We decided to go over to Grammy's condo and wake everone else up. Mommy laid Isa down right between the sleeping teenagers, Alicia and Kate. Nothing like a cute lil' baby to wake you up after a late night on the boardwalk, right?

See, you can't resist Isa, Kate is smiling...Alicia is still making up her mind...

We all spent the day at the beach - it was a very nice day:

Uncle John made me a nice sand slide:

And then he made me some sand steps:

After the long day at the beach and a nice family dinner, we all went back to the beach with kites. Here I am flying a kite for the first time with the help of Aunt Kris:

It was a cool kite:

Mommy and Isa watch:

Then Daddy and I do some kite flying together:

Ally is a great kite flyer:

And so is Uncle John. In fact, he and Kris set most of them up:

The moon rose over the ocean as we flew our kites, how cool!

Mommy, Daddy, Isa and I then decided to go on the boardwalk. I got to ride a pink elephant:

And Isa was so funny following the cars at one of the rides:

Like I said, it was a busy day and boy was it a fun day. We all collapsed in bed when we got "home".


  1. Isn't it cute how much the younger sibling loves the older one?

    It's like they could do no wrong. I love the pictures of Isa waking up Xia. Those are priceless!!

    Looks like a wonderful vacation!


  2. Yep Sheila, we had a great time. Thanks for checking in!

  3. Pictures of Xia and Isa are adorable. Those are always the best one!