Monday, August 17, 2009

Saturday 8/15/09

Here are some videos taken on Saturday 8/15/09. First, Isa is still stretching those vocal muscles:

And Xia has really taken to making up stories. They are sometimes hard to follow, but always very interesting to say the least:

Lastly, Xia has a microphone that records as it plays music. It was cute to hear her humming along in the recording:


  1. In that first video I wonder what Isa told Herbie. Herbie meowed back.

    the sound of your cooing is so beautiful. I love verbal babies. You have so much to say, Isa!!

  2. I think you should title that story of Xia's as "Boom, boom, boom and off came the ________." Too cute.

  3. Good idea Beth - she comes up with some doosies these days!
    Xia's Mommy