Monday, August 17, 2009

Seaside Heights Vacation - Day 5

Xia here. Mommy and I started the day off by going with some of the family to go crabbing. John and Kris have all of the stuff to do this. It was so cool to see real live crabs! Here I am holding the fish bait before Ally tied it up in the nets that we lowered into the bay:

Now I'm holding one of the nets you can use to scoop up the crab if you're just using a line without a net. I don't know why Mommy didn't want me leaning over the bay? Well, my arms really aren't long enough yet:

Here's a shot of the crabbing/fishing pier on the bay:

There was a cool playground nearby too:

After all of that crabbing/fishing, I needed a nap. Grandy let me use his bed:

After dinner, Hans and Kathy tried out a shark kite that they used caution tape for as the tail. (Believe it or not, Kris and John had caution tape in their truck?) You can tell it's caution tape if you look closely:

Then, since it was our last night (Mommy had to get back to work), we all went to the boardwalk together. We saw this crazy clown that removes it's head at a Hershey's Ice Cream stand of all places. Don't really get what a psycho clown has to do with ice cream, but that's a boardwalk for ya. Uncle John is really freaked out:

Next we walked around some crazy mirrors inside an arcade. That was a lot of fun! Here Daddy has a big mouth and Mommy has a big head!

Now Daddy has a long neck and Mommy still has a big cone head!

Some movies showing the mirror silliness. Check out Daddy's crazy dancing in the second one!

Next, we saw a New Orleans Style Jazz Band:

I wanted to go swimming when we got back, but it was too late:

So we went inside and ended the night by watching the movie Daddy took during the Haunted Ride. I found it very funny...

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