Monday, August 17, 2009

Seaside Heights Vacation - Day 3

Hi, it's Isa. We decided to go to the beach on Sunday 8/2/09. By the time we got everything down to the beach, they were talking about closing the beach due to a storm. So we were only there about 45 minutes. We went back to check out Grammy and everyone else's condo.

Here I am enjoying the ceiling fan:

Here is Xia walking and jumping around while Grammy sings along:

After the storm, we decided to go back down to the beach. Here's Xia's first walk along the sand:

Here's a shot of Daddy and Xia, it was windy:

And here's me, Mommy and Xia:

A video of me and Mommy. I'm snuggly in my sling:

Here's some 'art' at Funtown Pier that Daddy thought was funny, so Xia imitated it:

Here's Xia jumping into a hole in the sand:

We ended the day back at Grammy et al's condo as everyone was finally there. Here's a shot with me, Ally, Aunt Kris and Grammy:

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