Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fourth of July

Did you have a nice holiday? We all enjoyed ourselves on Saturday 7/4/09. Our aunt Kathy has everyone over to her place as she lives near Musser Park in the city where they have an Old Fashioned 4th of July celebration with a cake walk and brass band, etc. We did this last year too! And before us kids came along Mommy and Daddy went.

Here are some shots of Xia in her holiday outfit - she got 2 years wear out of this one! Here she is in Kathy's back yard/garden/oasis, talk about a green thumb! She loved the pond with the fishies:

Some poses:

Mommy thinks she looks way too grown up here!

Tried to get a family shot, but Xia got tired of posing and well Isa's face says it all:

Xia Mommy and Isa really enjoyed the cool see-saw at the playground in the park. First Mommy with Isa:

Then Xia (starting to look at bit tired at 3pm sans nap):

And a movie of it too - note to all Mom's - this is a great workout for your thighs!

Didn't get any pics of the rest of the family, but we were so happy to see everyone and catch up. It really was a lovely day.

When we got home, Daddy got a great shot of Isa:

Xia actually wore this outfit her first 4th of July holiday! Boy, you can tell we're sisters!

Lastly, Daddy closed out the evening by taking this funny video of Isa in her swing and Xia laughing hysterically in the background until she laughed herself silly - check it out!


  1. wow isa and xia do look alike in that dress.

    beatiful girls!!

    I love that attempt at a family picture. Isa, you did great.


    Glad to see such a great holiday!!

    Thanks for sharing it with me.


  2. The resemblence is so cool - hope you had a great holiday too!