Sunday, July 19, 2009

Swimming with the Smeltzers

Xia here. Daddy, Isa and I went over to the Smeltzers for the day on Wednesday 7/15/09 after we dropped Mommy off for work in the morning. I had so much fun swimming and slip n sliding with Eli and Kylie. Here are a bunch of pictures and videos of my fun, fun day!!

Okay, the suits are on... let's go!

Ooooh, the water's deep and cold...

Hey Eli, what's with dumpin' water on my head!?

Slip N Slide fun - with a shark mouth at the end!

Hey, this water is really sprayin' me now, I'm outta here...

I enjoy the little sprays!

Kylie's trying to talk me into going down the slide, but I'm stickin' with the spray:

Off goes Kylie...

Would you like a blueberry? They're great after all of this swimming and fun...

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