Thursday, July 30, 2009

Early Literacy Learning Photo Shoot

Hi, it's me, Xia, ha ha ha ha (if you watch Elmo, you will catch the correlation). Mommy works for the Library System and they are putting together a brochure to promote Early Literacy Learning. They wanted one more picture of a father reading to a child for the front cover and asked if Daddy and I would volunteer. Here's the results from our morning photo shoot on Thursday 7/30/09...

Too posed:

Too whimsical:

Did Isa just wake up? Is she breathing?

And the winner is...


  1. I love this book you are reading with your daddy, Xia. Isa, you look cute too. Always good to look at those kind of pictures... they look like the real deal.

    I love books!


  2. Thanks to this blog's 2 biggest fans!