Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rehoboth Beach - Take two...

Isa again. Daddy's good friend, Missy, and her husband, Mike, were kind enough to let us come down and visit them at Rehoboth Beach DE. We did this last year too and had a lot of fun. We left about 5pm on Friday 7/17/09 for the 2 hrs and 45 min ride. Unfortunately, Xia got a little car sick and threw up on the way. Mommy and Daddy feel like they've been broken in as REAL parents now after having to pull over to the side of the road and strip her down and give her and her car seat a wipee bath. Hooray for wipees!! Then we rode the rest of the way with quite an interesting smell in the car. I was the only one who didn't stink and I'm the baby!! Missy let us use her washing machine to clean the car seat and clothes up good once we got there. I got real fussy at one point and was fed a bottle at a McDonalds. And the traffic was really bad. So we didn't get there until 9:30pm!! Mommy says if she just adds 2 hours to the time she thinks she'll get somewhere, it works out fine.

We went to the beach on Saturday 7/18/09 and had a great time. Here are Xia and Mommy in their beach chairs:

Here I am:

And here's Daddy:

I got pretty tired and Mommy tried to put me on the blanket for a nap. I kept fussing so she finally did the swaddle thing and out I went:

Take note of what areas of my body are showing after being swaddled up. Later, it will be a VERY GOOD thing that I needed to be swaddled and wasn't just laid down in my suit for my nap under the umbrella...

Xia is still not a fan of the ocean and wouldn't even go in when Mommy or Daddy held her. We'll have to see how next year goes. But she did have a lot of fun in the sand again this year...

So... when we left the beach and had a walk on the boardwalk, Mommy put me in my sling and looked down at me and said to Daddy.. "Is that a sunburn on Isa's face?!" They weren't sure, thought maybe I was just hot in the sling. But... when we got back to the house later, YEP, I was sunburned!! I didn't notice at all and haven't complained about it at all, but Mommy is so upset. She has a history of skin cancer and feels TERRIBLE!! She's confused because she was told no sunscreen for me til I'm 6 months old so she's always VERY GOOD about keeping me out of the sun and in the shade. Well, I guess that old sun reflected on the sand and I got a nice toasty red face. Now you know why it's a darn good thing I was swaddled or my whole body would have gotten it! The sunburn is right in line with what was not covered up in my swaddle blanket.

We had some fun later that night taking pictures and video of me next to a lobster since Daddy's new nickname for me is lobster face...

Mommy - Daddy - How could you DO THIS to me?!

Really, I'm fine, but Mommy's "Mother's guilt" is kicking in bigtime. I really had a great time and it's going to be okay. Live and learn!!

Thanks for the great visit Missy - Xia and I had so much fun with you...

Thanks Mike!!


  1. Poor Isa, I never knew that could happen.

    She is gorgeous though. Love that she loves the swaddling. I never did that very well.

    You all got some beautiful pictures. Xia you are looking so grown.


  2. We were clueless too!! We are going to the beach again in 2 weeks and I'm calling the doctor to see if there's ANY kind of sunscreen we can use!
    Their 'guilty' Mommy

  3. Look like you all had a great time, except for Isa's sunburn.

    Eva's peditrician told me (before she was six months)that it was OK to put some sunscreen on their expose areas,just not to lather it on as you would with children over 6 months.

    We're also planning on going to beach in two weeks! Can't wait!

  4. I called our pediatrician too and was told to test a patch of skin with the sunscreen and see how her skin reacts to it. But they also said don't be on the beach very long at younger than 6 months. So I'll do a shorter amt of time with a bit of sunscreen next time!!
    The Mommy

  5. Yes, our pediatrician wasn't too strict on 6 month rule with Sharlet. We never went to the beach, but I'm sure whatever you decide to do is fine. We all live and learn.

    Have a good time!