Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Windy Car Ride - Orendorff Reunion 2008

Another big gathering of my Mommy's side of the family happened over the weekend. The annual Orendorff Reunion took place on Saturday 6/21 at Mack Park in Indiana PA. We look forward to this every year (well, this is really only MY second one).

First, here I am in the car on the way to the reunion (a 4 hour ride). I slept the first 2 hours and then Mommy and Daddy entertained me with songs, water bottles and anything they could think of for the other 2 hours. Finally, on the last leg of the trip, they put the windows down and I squealed with delight as we went down the big hills of the Allegheny "Mountains" that are out in Western PA. I loved the wind whipping into the car. Of course, when Mommy went to take the video, I refused to perform, but these are still pretty cute:

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