Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Family Farm Days at Oregon Dairy

Daddy and I had a blast at the Family Farm Days at Oregon Dairy on Wednesday 6/11/08. There was so much to do - Tractor and Wagon rides from the store to the farm, a tour of the barn and milking facility with ALL those MOOOO cows (I love to say "Mooooo"), a straw tunnel to crawl through, free ice cream and milk, and more!!

My favorite spot was the "sand" box; however it was really the dried corn box:

I was quite enthralled by the talking chicken (or is it a rooster?):

And I couldn't figure out why this cow didn't moo?

I sure did learn a lot about dairy farms!


  1. Love the hat Xia!

    See you all on Sunday.

  2. Thanks! I picked it out myself :-)