Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Trip home

On Thursday 4/3/08 (Mommy's 39th bday :-)), we piled into our car and drove out to the western side of the state. We stayed overnight at Aunt Paula's and Grandma was there too. Then, on Friday 4/4/08, Mommy and Daddy went to the Catholic Media Conference in Steubenville OH at Franciscan University. This was a great conference on sharing the Catholic faith through Web2.0 technologies. Mommy was very excited to get to meet some of the podcasters she listens to from SQPN.

From left we have George Leite from Catholic Rockers Podcast, Dr. Paul Camarata from the Saintcast (neurosurgeon by day, podcaster when time!), Father Roderick Vonhogen from the Daily Breakfast and Catholic Insider and more, Greg and Jennifer Willits from the Rosary Army and That Catholic Show (awesome video podcast), Fr. Bill Kessler from the Technopriest (can only see top of head), and Fr. Seraphim Beshoner from Catholic Under the Hood.

Here's Mommy with Jennifer and Greg Willits. Can you tell she's a big fan? You can see it in her eyes...

And here's Mommy and Daddy with Fr. Roderick. He's the one who started SQPN and gave the keynote at the conference.

You should check out some of those links and listen to the great stuff available! These podcasts really minister to Mommy and have deepened her faith.

So, Mommy and Daddy stayed in Steubenville overnight and came back to Paula's place late Saturday night. I did really well for the first time overnight without them. I played a lot with my cousins Kira and Marlon. I was in good hands. They missed me terribly!

Here we are on Sunday morning before driving all the way back home. It's Aunt Paula, Mommy and me and Grandma. Sure do wish we all lived closer together!

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