Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm Fifteen Months Old!

This is not one of my better pictures, but I really did not feel like lying down with legs straight out for it. Mommy insisted and this is what you get LOL. Now that I'm walking, I don't like to be in one place very long, you know?

So, I'm still getting taller. Most people think I'm 2 years or older because of that. I'm doing very well walking, though still lose my balance occasionally. I'll know my exact height and weight next week at my well baby check up and will let you know the results. I can say a bunch of words now, bye-bye, uh-oh, up, mama, daddy, and things that sound like bubble, balloon - I pretty much try to repeat words people say. I carry on babbling conversations with myself all day long, so I guess I'm verbal like my Mommy. My baby signing is very good now too. Learning more words all the time. My hair is getting long and I'm getting some molars in on the bottom right side of my mouth (ouch!). That's about it for now...

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