Thursday, April 24, 2008

Having Fun with a Balloon

Who knew a balloon could make such a comfortable seat? Here I am enjoying my new "seat" while watching Clifford. I was bouncing up and down before Mommy started the video, but, as usual, once she started recording, I stopped bouncing. Oh well, at least you get to see me signing dog (tapping on my leg with my hand):


  1. Xia's growing up fast. I was on here a long time ago when she was a baby talking about how I was trying to get pregnant for so long. I lost my computer connection. I just got it back today. Anyway, I got pregnant and had a little girl of my own! Her name is Sharlet Victoria. I'm so grateful. She's 11 weeks old now.

  2. Hi Sharlet Victoria's mom (Sheila, right?). Give Sharlet a big hug for me and thanks for sticking it out with me here on XiaLife :-)

  3. PS - and congrats on HAVING her! I'm glad you were able to conceive - what a gift from God.