Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fun Times at the Quarryville Library

I have been traveling down to the Quarryville Library for a couple of months now for their Parent-Child Workshops. See their calendar if you'd like to join in the fun. Daddy and I get to play together for an hour once a week with other parents and kids. It's a lot of fun and they have THE BEST TOYS!! Here are some pics from yesterday's trip.

I spend most of my time in the kitchen area. Here I am at the stove/sink area with the spatula:

Next, I sit down for my hotdog and fries (hmmm, Mommy can tell that Daddy helped with THIS meal). Notice I still reign queen of the spatulas:

Should I put mustard or ketchup on this lovely hotdog? No, I will not turn over the spatula. Note my death grip!

Ahh, a feast for a queen. Note the spatula has not gone far as I ponder whether or not this is a strawberry or a tomato and if it will taste good in my drink...:

Okay, now I've moved on to the long blue tube. This is a right of passage that all participants must pass through in order to enjoy this kingdom of toys. Not really, but it makes it sound important, doesn't it?

Ha, ha, ha, no blue tube has ever stopped me before! See my prowess as I skillfully maneuver through its cunning architecture:

Lastly, I enjoy time pushing cars, trucks and other moving objects through the kingdom. After exiting the blue tube, I have become a giant as I walk on the kingdom. They are lucky as I have forgotten my spatula, leaving me defenseless...


  1. Hi Xia! What fun you must have! This is a very special place and time, isn't -- one that so many other young ones would have fun experiencing too!
    I think this ought to go up on the Quarryville Website, or if they generate a wiki. Have you showed Miss Nikki this yet? Or Miss Fran -- they will love it. Even better, I can show this to the folks at Middle Country Public Library in Long Island who began the whole concept of Family Place, shall I send them the link?
    Miss Renee

  2. Hey Miss Renee,
    I did send this to Miss Fran and Miss Nikki at the same time I sent it to you. I do hope they use it. Yes, you can feel free to send the link to Middle Country Public Library - great idea :-)
    Hugs and Kisses,