Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Memories at Grandy's

We went over to Grandy's house on Saturday (12/8/07) evening. We had a nice potluck dinner (I ate some mushed carrots from Aunt Kathy's pot roast) and then looked at a bunch of slides from Daddy's childhood. This was also a celebration of Grandy's birthday. I'm really lucky to have such a great family :-)

Here I am playing with FisherPrice people with my cousing Ally that brought back a lot of memories for Mommy and Daddy. There is a closet full of my Daddy and Aunt Kris and Kathy's old toys that I found fascinating.

Here's a movie clip of what Mommy called "Bowling for FisherPrice people". Ally set up all of the people and I scattered them everywhere. You can also see Uncle John and Aunt Kris briefly and a lot of laughing is heard from Ally:

And here's a shot of Grandy enjoying a historical Lancaster County book from Aunt Kathy and her friend Hans. Grammy and Kathy look over his shoulders:

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