Sunday, January 3, 2010

Xia's First Hair Cut

On Saturday, 12/26/09, I had my very first haircut. We went to a new franchise that opened in our area called Great Clips. They had a great opening deal of haircuts for $2.99!! I did very well (Mommy was a little nervous that it might freak me out). I had a few inches cut off and some layers put in around my face and across the back. I feel like quite the big girl!

First the nice stylist gets my hair all set to be cut. I really liked my cape:

Then the cutting begins...

Mommy - the Overseer! I think she was more nervous than I was!

I survived the blow drier. This was really quite amazing as I usually run the other way when Mommy blows her hair dry...

The finished product:


  1. Happy belated birthday Xia, hope you had a fun day!

    Great haircut, daddy finally gave in!

  2. Yep! Daddy finally caved. I only had a few inches cut off, so he's happy :-) Mommy would have liked to go shorter. I had a WONDERFUL bday at Chuck E Cheese :-)