Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just another Week at Home

Here are some photos and videos from the rest of the first week of 2010...

These first shots are from Wed 1/6/10. Xia says "What do you mean, she loves this!?"

Isa contemplates how to survive more time in the exersaucer with Xia at large...

Xia still loves to put stickers on her face!

Here is Xia on Friday 1/8/10. What an audiophile enjoying a 45 from Bowie, "Fashion", using Daddy's headphones. Look at that groove!

Later that night, Mommy has a great time playing with the kids. We'll call this the Mommy train!


  1. Great pics! Hey Xia, love the bib, Kaden & Eva uses those also. Easy clean-up for mommy and daddy!

    It's funny how with your 1st you want them to accomplish their milestones right away, but with the 2nd there's no rush.

    Eva is walking now.