Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our Cousins Visit!

On Friday 5/1/09, our Aunt Paula and cousins Kira and Marlon came for a visit to see all of us, but mostly to meet Isa. Grandma came along too.

Isa got tired waiting for them to arrive late Friday night:

Here is Aunt Paula holding Isa on Saturday 5/2/09:

And check out this old post of Aunt Paula holding Xia almost the same way! You'll have to scroll to about the end of the long post.

Here's Marlon on Sunday morning 5/3/09 playing with the Sock Monkey Jack in the Box:

And Kira, Paula and Xia having breakfast:

Of course, it's always customary to jump off the couch after breakfast:

Grandma enjoys a few more minutes with Isa. Isa seems like she's having a moment of drama:

A nice shot of the family:

Mommy and Isa:

And an Isa close up:

What a great visit. Later that day, Xia tried to pick up Herbie:

1 comment:

  1. Love watching Xia try to pick up Herbie. Herbie got away as fast as she could!

    Isa still looks like a deep thinker when she's sleeping. That is so cute.