Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hayloft Candles

On Memorial Day, Monday 5/25/09 we went to Hayloft Candles in Leola. That's just up the road from us. Xia and Daddy had been there last summer, but Mommy and Isa had never seen it. They have a great petting zoo area and Xia had a blast. Isa slept against Mommy in the sling most of the morning.

Here is Xia with the ducks. They have all of these amazing animals, but for the first hour it was all about the ducks for Xia:

Xia feeding the ducks with Daddy:

There was a kangaroo even:

And a yak! (Reminds me of something right out of the "Where the Wild Things Are" children's book):

There was a turkey who really did NOT want a video taken, evidenced by him giving us the cold shoulder (or should I say a**)!

A parrot that repeats your "hellos" - the 3rd and 5th hellos in this video are the parrot's - it sounds a lot like Mommy's hellos, so you have to listen carefully:

There is a big pond with a nice walk way around it and gazebos too. Here are Daddy and Xia standing by a carved tree:

When we were done with the animals we went into the store itself and Xia had a rest in an adirondack chair fit just for her:

We had some homemade raspberry ice cream in the store to close out the great morning!


  1. Hayloft Candles was a sanctuary for the boys and me when they were really young. It was a cheap, fun outing after a long day. Nathan always called the wind mills "the wheel." I think this should have been one of my indications of his Autism! We have many pictures and memories from this great place. It makes me crave that homemade ice cream!

  2. YES - free is a GREAT price :-) Xia and Bill LOVED the ice cream too and at $1 for a cup of it, can't go wrong!