Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just Another Sunday for Us Zimmermans

We all dressed nicely for church on Sunday 5/24/09, so we had to take some pictures - of course. First, Isa FINALLY fits in some of her clothes. Here's a pretty dress Xia never got to wear because it was too cold when she was this small:

Next, a close up of Xia getting ready. Since we're snapping shots of Isa's diapers in the bathroom all day long, Xia usually wants her photo taken too:

Here's Xia all ready for church:

She likes to use the pegs from her tool bench (the ones you hammer down and then flip over) as microphones, evidenced in this video:

Then, later that evening, Xia discovered a neat trick with her raptor dinosaur. She stuck him on a glass, like this:

Pretty nifty, she figured that out all by herself. Come on, what kind of fun are you all having on a Sunday evening, this is great stuff! Here's a close up just to make you jealous:


  1. That is a beautiful dress for you Isa. Xia you are looking so big these days. Love the colors you are wearing to church.

    Look like you are both having fun, and staying busy. Ready for summer?


  2. Hi Sheila - yeah, don't you love the 60s pattern on my dress? You betcha, we're both ready for summertime :-)

  3. I think Xia and Kaden should start a band!

  4. Sounds good Kaden, I guess you like to perform too? See you tomorrow!