Thursday, April 16, 2009

Friday April 10, 2009

Friday 4/10/09 was a very busy day. Grandma, Mommy, Xia and Isa went for a walk to Stoner Park at mid-morning. Isa was in the sling and Xia in the stroller. Here are some pics from the trip. First, Xia slides:

Next, Xia climbs:

Xia hangs out with Grandma:

Isa hangs out in the sling:

Later in the afternoon, our friend Doug came over for a visit. Here he is holding Isa for the first time:

Grandma took a turn:

Then it was time to get busy and dye some eggs!! Okay, the tablets are all in...

Stirring them up:

Adding the vinegar...

Drop the eggs in...

Play with spoons while we wait...

Then put on the wacky eyes and mouth stickers:

Posing with the finished products:

Then Grandma had a great idea of what to do with all the leftover dye - paint with it using Q-tips - OF COURSE!!

What a fun day!

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