Friday, April 3, 2009

Videos of Isa's First Few Days of Life

Isa here - Mommy didn't have time to post the videos from the hospital, so here they are for you now. We're all doing very well here at home and appreciate all the lovely comments and well wishes. By the way, I have a secret to tell you... Mommy's goal was to give birth to me BEFORE she turned 40. Well, she turned 40 today, Friday 4/3/09 - Happy Birthday Mommy!

Here's a video of Xia and Grammy meeting me for the first time on Monday 3/30/09 - my first day of life:

Here's a video of my big sister Xia holding me for the first time:

And here is Xia opening a present from me to her. I thought she would like that!


  1. Isa, you're gorgeous! How do you like the world so far? I love seeing you and know you and your new family are doing so well.

    Xia, how are you these days? I bet you have alot of questions right now. There are so many good times ahead for you.

  2. look at those long fingers, Isa. Pretty pretty girl.

  3. Welcome Isa! So glad to see you and mommy doing very well.

    Xia, we've started another family place but it's not the same without you cooking in the kitchen! When Isa is ready you'll have to bring her and show her all the toys we have to play with!

    -Miss Nikki