Monday, November 12, 2007

My first Bat Mitzvah

I went to my Mommy's friend/coworker's Bat Mitzvah on Friday 11/2/07. What an amazing service it was and Rhonda did so well reading the Torah in Hebrew. Talk about a lot of work!

Before we left our house, Mommy got some shots of me being me in my dress. It was dark in the living room, so they aren't the best. First, I love throwing my little ball into my car seat and then diving in to retrieve it:

Next, I have this great toy my parents found at a garage sale that is a carousel and spins like a top and also lets you press buttons that light up and play music. I always have this toy nearby so I can hear music as I play. I hit a button, go about whatever I'm doing and kind of bounce and dance to it while I play, when a song is over, I hit a button again for the next song. There are some songs I don't like, so I skip over those. You can hear Mommy's other friend/coworker, Mary Lou, in the background commenting that I'm going to tire myself out before the Bat Mitzvah:

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