Monday, November 26, 2007

Mommy's High School Reunion

Mommy and Daddy went to Mommy's 20th High School Reunion on Friday 11/23/07. Mommy was asked to say the blessing. She really enjoyed herself and saw many people for the first time since graduation. What a great time. Here are some photos from the evening...

Mommy with Jan Frank (maiden name):

Mommy with Shannon Mill (maiden name):

Mommy with Cindy Rice (now Izzo). This was one of Mommy's best friends!

Mommy with Debbie Keene and Mary Ellen Kotula (maiden names). Mary Ellen was Mommy's best friend from 2nd grade til about 9th grade. They were so happy to see each other again!

Mommy with Mary Beth Armstrong (maiden name):

Mommy with very good friends from the past. Steve Cochran, Cindy Rice (Izzo), John Rice and Chuck Izzo:

It was so nice for Mommy to reconnect with so many.

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