Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm Ten Months Old!

On Monday, 11/5/07, I turned 10 months old. Look at me grow...

I now have 2 bottom teeth. I can point to my toes and tummy (thanks to Grammy's hard work) and I did my first sign back on Thursday 11/8/07 (Mommy does Baby Sign with me). Mommy asked me where the lights were and I reached up with my right hand and signed light (flick fingers open and closed a couple of times) as I pointed with my hand to the light. Yeah! I'm very good at waving hello and bye-bye to anyone who walks by or says "bye-bye". Plus, I just love to babble quite a bit. Sometimes it sounds like I say "up" or "baby", but I don't think I'm purposefully doing so at this point. This goes for a lot of "mama" and "dada" sounds too. I do understand an awful lot though. I love when people ask me "where is.." questions and I point to the stuff. I always get lots of clapping at that!

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