Wednesday, October 3, 2007

We went to Seattle!

Turns out I'm a very good traveler! On Monday 9/24/07 we flew from Philadelphia to Seattle - a 5 1/2 hr flight - and I did great. We came back on Friday 9/28/07. Mommy had a workshop to attend for her job. Since they were putting her in a nice hotel and she had a lot of USAir miles left from her time working at Spectra, she brought Daddy and me with her. Plus, she couldn't bear the thought of being away from me for 5 days!

The 'rents found a great travel highchair that folds up to the size of a book, check it out:

Mommy got a tour of the Seattle Public Library so Daddy and I played in the Childrens's area on Tuesday 9/25/07. What a cool library! To see more about the library, check out my Mommy's Work Blog.

Here's the outside of this amazing library:

After the tour we went down some VERY STEEP hills to Puget's Sound and walked down a nice pier. We were really lucky because it didn't rain at all the whole time we were there!

The we rode a carousel on the pier:

After all of that, I got into my warm jammies since it was a little cooler out there and played in the big king size bed in the hotel room. A VERY NICE hotel - 4 star - called Hotel Monaco.

On Wed 9/26/07, Daddy and I walked down to the Space Needle (poor Mommy was busy working). We went to 2 museums - a communications/music museum and a sci-fi museum; what fun!:

But after Mommy was done working, we all took a LONG WALK to the Capitol Hill neighborhood - up more STEEP HILLS and had dinner at the Teapot - a wonderful vegetarian place. I had tofu for the first time and some brown rice; quite yummy:

I was pretty wound up after dinner and cab ride back to the hotel. So, I took to jumping on the bed with Daddy:

After Mommy was done with work on Thursday 9/27/07, we went to the Seattle Public Market aka Pike Place Market. Here's the entrance from the street:

Mommy loved the beautiful flowers that lined the streets of the market:

Here's Daddy by a beautiful display of peppers:

It was fun to watch the workers throw fish around:

In the lower level was a cheesy wall that called itself a museum where you could pay money to look at shoes - we skipped looking but really liked the wall:

There were some very talented street performers as well:

And a beautiful view of Puget's Sound:

At the end of the day, I WAS POOPED! What an amazing trip!

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