Monday, October 22, 2007

Family Picnic at Susquehannock Park

On Sunday I attended my first Zimmerman family Susquehannock Picnic. Every year since my Daddy was little, the family gathers in the fall at beautiful Susquehannock Park. Mommy remembers being quite pregnant last year:

Here are some beautiful photos and video of the day. It was HOT and sunny, strange weather for October. This is why the leaves aren't as pretty and colorful as usual.

Grandy, Daddy and Me - I REFUSE to wear socks and shoes and take great joy in pulling them off as soon as they are put on! Mommy tries to find REAL buckles on shoes, but it's all velcro out there!

Great Grandmom (aka MomMom) and Aunt Kathy. Note this was quite a walk to get to the overlook and Great Grandmom only required Mommy's arm to get there - she's in her 80s! What an inspiration:

Great Uncle Bill and Aunt Joanne:

Grammy and Aunt Kris (by the way, Grammy just returned from a 7 week trip across the US in her RV - WOW!)

My cousin once-removed, Nate:

Daddy and me with the view behind and Aunt Kris:

A video of the view and me playing with Aunt Kris' camera:

More of the view as my cousin once-removed, Stephanie, and her husband Kelly play with my cute little feet:

I play with a cute little doggie:

Mommy and me in the leaves:

And a video clip as we play in the leaves:


  1. Xia what a cute laugh!!!

  2. Thanks, my parents agree with you - they think it's pretty cute too!