Monday, October 8, 2007

Fun in the Playhut

We found an excellent bargain at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago. There was a playhut for $5! Mommy put it away until I was bigger, but Angela came to visit on Saturday and she decided to pull it out. Turns out, I do quite well in this thing and I love the balls! So, it's STILL up in the living room because Mommy and Daddy have just as much fun as I do playing in this thing as does Herbie. Here's a video and some pictures so that you can join in the fun:

My first entry into the BallZone - Angela jumped right in:

Angela had no trouble getting into it!

Even Mommy fit - well, kindof...

And Val too...

Angela and I meet in the Ballzone

Angela gives me a big hug before she leaves. I had so much fun with her:

But I keep on playing. Here's a shot of me screaming with delight:

More fun (there's no good way to explain what I'm doing in this picture and not have it sound awful - think about it):

Swimming is the sea of balls:

Herbie watches with interest:

And he eventually joins in:

Last, a view of the entire Playhut ensemble. Can you believe all this for just $5!!!

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