Monday, October 15, 2007

I Have Teeth!

It's been a LONG week. I now sympathize with the rest of you babies and kids who already have teeth. I was perfectly happy going along with just gums, but NO, I had to endure these jagged, white things ripping through my gums this week. Not fun at all. Though I guess I did pretty well.

I hear murmurings from the parents that this is only the beginning, I don't know what that means but their tone of voice doesn't make it sound good! So, I now have one little visible razor's edge of one bottom tooth and a slight hint of the one next to it.

What do my parents get out of it? Mommy has a low-grade headache and foggy feeling from sleepless nights and Daddy has a back full of knots because I was in their bed for part of some of the nights. Neither one sleeps well with me in the bed, though I sleep better than ever, so I don't know what all of the complaining is about!

No photos since it's a hard picture to take. But here are some more of me enjoying the playhut this past Tuesday 10/9/07. First a peek out of the door:

I'm quite good at getting over the entrance now. I've had lots of practice:


  1. Oh how I am not looking forward to those days again! Cameron sleeps all the way through a minimum of 12 hours a night. I can't imagine having to get up with her at night again! Hang in there Xia and your mommy!

  2. WOW - 12 hours, that is amazing!