Sunday, June 20, 2010

Zimmermans are Superheroes!!

Did you know that the Zimmerman line of blood has super powers? Uh-huh, yep, that's right, it's true. I mean the capes prove it!

Both Daddy and Xia don their capes on Saturday 6/5/10...

And later that week, on Thursday 6/10/10, Xia could be seen imparting the knowledge of said super powers to the youngest Zimmerman superhero, Isa.

You see Isa, with this spoon and fork I can defeat villains of every size, shape and kind...

Where as you, oh juice wonder girl, use the power of the juice baby bottle to defeat your foe:

Just remember, you must keep your eyes closed for the full effect of your power to be felt:

And beware, if you exhaust your juice supply, fits of laughter may overcome you which could give your assailant the upper hand. Please, try to limit these fits!!

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