Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dutch Wonderland

Hello, Isa here. We had a great time on Saturday 9/26/09 at Dutch Wonderland. It was Readers Jamboree weekend to celebrate literacy. Here are some pics and video from the day:

Xia had fun riding the train (with Daddy's help):

Xia also liked the big cow (so did I):

Here I am with Mommy:

Xia and Daddy had fun going down the BIG slide:

And Xia liked the big chalkboard in the schoolhouse. Too bad some boy came in and took ALL of the chalk and ran out of the place!

Mommy helped her to ring the bell in front of the school house. It was funny because Mommy couldn't hear the bell when she was right under it, but it WAS ringing!

Then Xia and Daddy played on the horse and carriage. Giddyup!

Next up was the monorail...

And then Daddy HAD to take a pic of Xia in front of the Fun! Egg! machine. You don't see one of those every day...

All in all a VERY FUN day!

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