Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Beth & Chip's Engagement Party

Xia here. On Saturday 10/3/09, Grandma, Mommy, Isa and I traveled down to Sterling VA for Mommy's cousin, Beth's engagement party. We are so happy for her and her fiance Chip who is a very nice guy.

Here I am playing with my 2nd cousins Emily and Natalie. We were having a lot of fun with chalk in the driveway...

Here is Mommy's cousin Tom's wife Julie holding another cousin's new baby Kathryn and Grandma holding Isa:

Here is a very special picture of my great Aunts Cokey, Joanne and Debbie. Little did we know this day that Joanne would be taken up with the Angels just 2 days later...

Now we're playing with a Zen garden, though I don't think the way we were playing with it was very Zen:

Here's Mommy's cousin Matt with his new baby Kathryn:

The happy couple Beth and Chip:

And Mommy's Godmother/Aunt, and my Great Aunt Cathy holding Kathryn:

What a wonderful day of celebration. Congrats Beth and Chip!

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