Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Celebrating Aunt Jo Anne

Mommy here. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my Aunt Jo Anne passed away on Monday 10/5/09. Isa and I traveled home on Friday 10/9/09 to be with my Mom and the rest of the family. We went to her viewing that evening and the line NEVER stopped. This was an amazing woman who was very involved with her family AND the community. On Saturday 10/10/09 we went to her funeral and then a wake afterwards at my cousin Kelly's home. It was so great to be with almost the ENTIRE extended family remembering Jo Anne. Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of her children or grandchildren. But here are some photos of the family...

My cousin Brian:

My Mom, Isa and me:

Cousins Michael and Robert:

Cousin Tom holding Isa:

Marlon enjoying some Rock Band and the Carly's great game room:

Aunt Patti:

and my Grandmother's brother, Great Uncle Jimmy (it was so good to see him since Grandma and Grandpa are both deceased. It was good to have someone from their generation there!):

And here's a great photo of the remaining 10 Orendorff children with Uncle Jimmy:

After the long day full of so much love and memories, we headed back to my Mom's place. Kira decided to stay with us and had fun entertaining Isa:

On Sunday 10/11/09, we all went to church and then Isa and I headed back home. Here's a nice shot of Mom, Kira and Isa before we left...

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