Monday, June 29, 2009

We Always Outdress Mommy

Mommy loves dressing us up for church on Sunday mornings. She has all of these beautiful outfits that have been handed down or given to us as gifts or found at garage sales/consignment shops, and we really only wear them on Sunday mornings. The only problem is, she has nothing to wear to look as good as us. Oh well, people are more interested in looking at us anyway, so no worries!

Here we are on Sunday morning 6/21/09.

First, Isa in a great outfit Mommy got from her boss' family at the baby shower at work:

Next, Xia in a great yard sale find - hmmm, not sure if that was the face Mommy was looking for when she said "Say cheese..."

And here's some more Isa talk for you:

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  1. Love the outfits!Kids clothes are WAY cuter then clothes for mommies!