Saturday, June 20, 2009

Is it sand or ... ?

Xia here. I just have to say that my Grandma is super creative. She took a big tub and filled it with corn meal to make a 'sand' box. We had a blast with it on Monday 6/15/09.

We also had a big pillow fight, aren't they the best?

That night, we ate at Bruno's - one of Mommy's favorite restaurants as a kid. They serve great Italian food. She remembers the cellar which is where we had dinner. Grapes hang from the ceiling and their are bottles with candles in them. I really LOVED the candles and kept trying to blow them out like a bday cake:

Great Aunt Bobbi and Great Aunt Patti came over to hang out while Marlon and I had fun jumping through a hula hoop:

And Daddy made me laugh hysterically by bopping a ball at me:

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