Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm Twenty Months Old

It's all verbal now baby! Lots of words, less sign. I love being able to communicate with so many words now. It makes Mommy and Daddy's lives easier too - except when they don't understand me - boy do I get frustrated sometimes. I'm becoming quite the toddler these days and like to express my individuality. I'm not always quite as willing to just go with the flow you see, I'm developing a flow of my own. It's making life more interesting, but at this point, Mommy and Daddy have to look away and hide their smiles and snickers when I throw a fit on the floor. I guess they still think it's kinda cute.

Mommy couldn't decide which picture to use, so here are all 3 of them:


  1. 20 months, wow Xia! All these pictures are beautiful. You have a really pretty smile. I love it!