Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hey, it's my 2nd cousin, Rachel!

So Mommy finally figured out today that her and Daddy's cousins kids are actually my 2nd cousins - NOT my cousins-once-removed. So she'll put that correctly from now on (unlike many previous posts).

On Sunday 9/7/08 (yes, that was a busy day), we finally got to meet my 2nd cousin Rachel Zimmerman. She is the daughter of Andrew (Daddy's cousin) and Susan. We had a blast playing together. I guess this is good practice of what's to come for me...

Hey, she eats her toys just like I used to:

I REALLY wanted to play with that Elmo in a boat toy...

We loved the big bear with a red bow and a jingle bell inside his tail:

A video of Rachel and me trying to get the bear out of her high chair:

Rachel is too cute playing:

Mommy had to take her turn, practice for the future...

And a shot of the happy family:

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  1. This video of Rachel and Xia is cute. I know you are excited about having another baby. It will be good for Xia, too. It's been a major blessing in our house to have both children. Our family feels so complete now.