Thursday, August 7, 2008

St. Mary's Block Party

I had a great time on Sunday 8/3/08 at my church. Every year, the youth group coordinates a block party for the residents that live around the church and really anyone walking along the street that wants to join in the fun. We provide hot dogs and hamburgers, face painting and kiddie games, and music. This year, the band Mommy sings with, Sound Doctrine, provided the music. And my Godfather, Phil, did a lot of the cooking on the grill.

I had fun dancing with my friend Maryam:

And I won a box of crayons because of my amazing accuracy in "throwing" the bean bag through the hole:

And now for some shots of the band, from left it's Tim, Heather, and Mommy in front, then Doug (filling in for Brian), John and Fred in the back. We were so glad that Daddy's good friend Doug could fill in for Brian.

Tim is the lead singer and the most incredible acoustic guitar player evah. He is so talented:

Here's Heather and Mommy who sing the harmonies for the songs. Heather has such a beautiful voice. Mommy doesn't do too bad either:

John is the amazing bass player, he can get some pretty funky grooves on:

And Fred plays electric and STEEL guitar. Now that's talent:

A lot of people came during the party and everyone had a great time.

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  1. thanks for the compliment xia. :) i think your mommy does quite a bit better than alright.