Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm Twelve Months Old!

Of course, I must continue the tradition (or should I say my mother insists on following the tradition) of posting my monthly growth picture. So here you go...

I'm almost walking. I can stand for a few seconds without holding anything. I LOVE to do "SO BIG! hands up in the air". I'm doing A LOT of signing now and I understand a lot more than my parents will ever know :-) I'm repeating the sound of words hear and there like "uck" for duck and "ig" for pig (those darn consonants throw me every time). I can point to lots of things in my books if you ask me too, that's loads of fun. And I'll sign a lot of the stuff too, like hat, shoes, socks, light, stars, moon, toothbrush, sleepy, etc. That should update you for now.

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